Formally Verify your codebase with ShellBoxes

At Shellboxes, we offer formal verification services to ensure the utmost security and correctness of your smart contracts. Using cutting-edge formal methods, our team of experts conducts rigorous mathematical analyses of your contract's code to verify its integrity and adherence to specified properties.

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Why Choose Formal Verification for Your Smart Contracts?

Unparalleled Accuracy

Formal verification employs rigorous mathematical proofs, leaving no room for ambiguity or uncertainty in the results.

Complete Verification

Unlike traditional testing methods, formal verification exhaustively checks all possible execution paths, ensuring comprehensive analysis.

Enhanced Security

By eliminating potential vulnerabilities and errors, formal verification enhances the overall security and resilience of your smart contract.

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Formal Verification Process:

  • Property Specification

    We collaborate with you to define precise properties and requirements that your smart contract must meet.

  • Modeling

    Our team creates a formal model of your smart contract, capturing its behavior and structure in a language suitable for verification.

  • Verification

    Utilizing advanced automated tools, we perform formal verification to check if your smart contract adheres to the specified properties.

  • Analysis Report

    A detailed report is generated, outlining the results of the formal verification process and any identified issues or areas of improvement.

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Frequently asked questions

Formal verification is a method of verifying the correctness of software or hardware systems using mathematical techniques and logic. It exhaustively explores all possible states and executions to prove that a system adheres to specified properties. Unlike traditional testing, which relies on a finite number of test cases, formal verification provides mathematical certainty and ensures correctness under all scenarios.
Formal verification offers several advantages, including mathematically proven correctness, comprehensive analysis of all possible states, and the ability to identify and rectify vulnerabilities before deployment. It enhances smart contract security, mitigates risks, and builds trust among users and stakeholders.
Formal verification can verify various properties, such as functional correctness, security invariants, absence of certain vulnerabilities, and adherence to specific design specifications. The choice of properties depends on the requirements and goals of the smart contract.
Formal verification is well-suited for critical and complex smart contracts where a high level of security and correctness is paramount. However, for simpler contracts, traditional testing methods may suffice. Our team can guide you in determining the most appropriate approach for your specific smart contract.
The duration of the formal verification process depends on the complexity of the smart contract and the properties being verified. While it may take more time than traditional testing, the certainty and comprehensive analysis provided by formal verification justify the investment.
Web3 projects, especially those dealing with sensitive data, financial transactions, or critical functionalities, should consider formal verification to minimize the risk of vulnerabilities and potential exploits. Formal verification provides a higher level of assurance, enhancing the credibility and reliability of web3 projects.

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