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Cyber Security

We assist you step by step to secure your data and information systems.

Organizational Security Audit

Our team will review and assess the control and compliance of your organization's IT environment, configuration, policies, processes and procedures related to your business.

Cyber Security Simulation-Based Training

ShellBoxes will provide you a scalable cloud-based platform providing hands-on measurable simulation training for cybersecurity and IT professionals.

Code Review

For companies producing their own software, it is essential to ensure that your products are protected against external attacks and that they can keep your data and your customers safe. We offer a code review to identify possible vulnerabilities.

Application Security

Detect your application vulnerabilities, and identify the flaws before being exploited.

Blockchain Security

Our team will help you use the block chain as a means to secure your data and improve verification processes and build trust in your internal and external network.

Smart Contract Auditing

Our team will support you in detecting and correcting existing vulnerabilities in your smart contract through in-depth testing.

Cyber Security Project Process


Planning phase

We cooperate with the client to define the test scope and define an information system map. Then, we will establish an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which defines the actions to be maintained with the classified information of the company in question.


Discovery phase

The objectives of this phase are to list all of the possible attack surfaces that may compromise the security of your system in order to pragmatically decide which attacks are most likely to succeed.


Auditing phase

Once the scouting process is carried out, our team will identify the vulnerabilities while showing the risk, impact and its level of criticality with a proof of concept if possible.


Reporting Phase

We elaborate a detailed report that includes the vulnerabilities encountered with their degrees of criticality and our recommendations with an action plan to guide you through this process.


We give you the opportunity to benefit from the blockchain technology for better traceability and transparency of your exchanges, and anti-fraud immunization and the immutability of your information.

Blockchain Consulting

We provide you advices on the strategic use of blockchain technology based on an in-depth analysis of your business profile.

Decentralized Application And Smart Contracts Development

Our team will provide you with highly secure and reliable, smart contracts with flexible business logic that will open up several possibilities. Decentralized applications with a broad application domain offering exceptional functionality, which gives them the potential to become a fundamental resource for your company.

Blockchain project process

Our team of experts will brainstorm with you to help you get the most out of your blockchain project idea. You bring the concept and we will help you build the final solution for your customers from a commercial and technical point of view.

Our engineers will design the architecture of your new system. Using creative design, in-depth research and our block chain expertise, we provide a low-cost prototype to demonstrate to you and any other key stakeholders your product’s concept from the start. This way you can see what it looks like, how it works, and what it will deliver to you. Then, our developers will develop and deploy your new product, service or platform. We also make sure that rigorous testing is done for quality assurance.

We' will walk you through your finished product and seamlessly transition your existing data and information to your new system. We make sure all code is well documented. You will be on your way to experience the greatest technology of our time and enjoying the most dramatic changes since the Internet.


VR/AR Development

Whether you are looking for a virtual reality experience for games, simulations, or serious games and gamification as a training tool. ShellBoxes provides innovative gaming solutions for your businesses from different industries.

Serious Game Development and Gamification

Gamifying your interactions for your staff and stakeholders will only have positive benefits for your business. We deliver photorealistic 3D simulations and visualization that help businesses present their content in a more fascinating way. With our simulation solutions, we offer a learning environment for training systems and interactive medium for engaging customers.

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VR & AR Solutions

Our team of expert designers, creatives and producers, will help you create and develop VR gaming interfaces and will bring AR/VR to websites so customers and visitors have a new way to use the features and view your product details. This provides a whole new way for them to interact with your brand leading to an exceptional experience.

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How do we manage your Project?

Our ultimate goal is to satisfy all of our customers, by delivering them a high quality and safe product as quickly as possible. Here is our approach:

Demand Analysis

First, we will carefully analyze your requirements to offer you the most relevant solutions. We will then think out together to write down a specification note that explains all your expectations.


Design and Planning

First, we provide you a proposition of a graphic mockup, this mockup contains all the modules and their positions after we specify the appropriate technology for your project. Then we divide the project into several tasks to monitor its progress and finally we write a "Plan document " that will plan the schedule of all the tasks.


Development and realization

As your project will start to materialize, the technical team in charge will develop a first prototype, while respecting your specifications and requested constraints. We always remain agile in making the necessary changes to the project to ensure your satisfaction.


Tests and Validations

We perform unit tests on all of the features developed with a global test at the end to ensure the normal behavior of the end product to meet your expectation.


Setting up

Your approval for the end result will allow us to implement the product in the production environment so that you can showcase your strategy.


Maintenance and Updates

Our commitment is not limited to the deployment of the project; we guarantee that you can get online support for any possible maintenance.


Benefit from our catalog of cybersecurity and blockchain training courses.

Blockchain training courses:

  • Blockchain training
  • Hyperledger Fabric training
  • Solidity training
  • Corda training
  • RootStock training

Cybersecurity training courses:

  • Cryptography & pki
  • Network security
  • Offensive security
  • Introduction to DevSecOps
  • Linux Security & hardening
  • Security in the blockchain
  • Sensitization of personnel to computer security
  • Sensibilization of Social Engineering
  • Web Application Security: Code Review

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We are a company whose main objective is to assist you in setting up customized solutions that adapt to your changing needs. At the same time, our teams provide you with proactive counselling to help you innovate and rationalize your investments. We offer IT development, cyber security and blockchain technology services meet your needs in the most efficient way.


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